Stage 1 – Phone Training

Welcome to Stage 1 of the SFG Mentors Training

Follow the instructions below to complete your training in the proper order and communicate with your manager as you complete each section.

Step 1 – Welcome

Watch the Welcome Video to understand our Core Values and Expectations

Step 2 – Get Connected

*Check with you Mentor regarding your Team’s communication platform 

Follow us here:

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Step 3 – Blueprints for Success

Print the following documents and Put on your Office Wall

Step 4 – Phone Training

Watch the Phone Training Video to learn how to use our phone script and make dials correctly

Step 5 – Documents

Download and Print following documents 

Step 6 – Recordings

Listen to the recordings for more advanced training on the phones

Mastering the Phones with the Masters (Part 1)

by Symmetry Financial Group | 50:13 min

Step 7 – Buying & Printing Leads

Watch the Buying and Printing Leads video to learn how to use opt to manage your leads

Step 8 

Let your manager know that you are finished watching the videos and are ready to purchase your first set of leads