Stage 2 – Appointment Preparation Training

Welcome to the Stage 2 of the SFG Mentors Training

This training should not be viewed until you have appointments already set or your mentor has given specific instructions. Once you have an appt scheduled, follow the steps below to complete this training.

Step 1 – Appointment Prep

Watch Appointment Preparation Video.

Step 2 – Virtual Mentor

Click the link and register for Virtual Mentor.

If you are not registered for Virtual Mentor, then create an account and text your Agency Owner to activate your account.

Step 3 – Quote Sheets

Download and Print all of the quote sheets and the
5 Steps document

Step 4 – Select Product

Using Virtual Mentor, figure out what the best product for your client is and mentor with your upline to determine if that is the correct product.

Step 5 – Prepare Quotes

Now that you have learned how to prepare your quotes practice by running quotes on yourself using Virtual Mentor as a guide.

Download a Mutual of Omaha application from iPipeline demonstrated in the video above and fill it out to get some practice. Once you have completed the application, send the completed app to your upline so they can review and answer any questions.

Step 6 

Call your manager for a final game plan call for your appointment