Stage 3 – In-Home Appointment Training

Welcome to the Stage 3 of the SFG Mentors Training

This training should not be viewed until you have appointments already set or your mentor has given specific instructions. Once you have an appt scheduled, follow the steps below to complete this training.

Step 1 – In Home & Telesales Presentation

Watch & learn from the videos

Step 2 – In Home Outline

Download following document for your Telesales In Home Script.

In Home Client Survey

Follow the button below to the client survey and complete the survey with the client. (add the website to your favorites

Step 3 – Application Walkthrough Videos

You will be assigned an Agent ID Number by each carrier and then you will be able to write E-Applications for that carrier. 

  • See below for complete walkthroughs of American Amicable and Mutual of Omaha Applications.
  • Once assigned your Agent ID go into the E-Application and practice writing an application to familiarize yourself with the format and signature process.


Step 4 – In Home Audio Files

Listen to audios for additional in home training that you can reference and listen to.