Stage 1 – Phone Training

Welcome to Stage 1 of the SFG Mentors Training

Follow the instructions below to complete your training in the proper order and communicate with your manager as you complete each section.

Step 1 – Welcome

Watch the Welcome Video to understand our Core Values and Expectations

Step 2 – Get Connected

*Check with you Mentor regarding your Team’s communication platform 

Follow us here:

Download Crew App

Step 3 – Blueprints for Success

Print the following documents and Put on your Office Wall

Step 4 – Phone Training

Watch the Phone Training Video to learn how to use our phone script and make dials correctly

Step 5 – Documents

Download and Print following documents 

Step 6 – Recordings

Listen to the recordings for more advanced training on the phones

Mastering the Phones with the Masters (Part 1)

by Symmetry Financial Group | 50:13 min

Step 7 – Buying & Printing Leads

Watch the Buying and Printing Leads video to learn how to use opt to manage your leads

You will have an access to this website after you are licensed and your OPT credentials are issued.

Step 8 – Here are your next Steps

1) Contact your mentor and let them know that you have finished Stage 1

2) Let them know you are ready to practice on their older leads and need
to schedule a time to dial on Zoom with them for an hour or longer if
they are dialing. In this time, take 5 minutes to role play the script in full
with them and then jump into the leads.

3) Move to stage 2 and 3 after you get this practice in